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or realistic compromise and something has got to give. i don't know what it will be but i will tell you this, unless and until we do that we are going to have these types of crises which are showing up periodically for an indefinite period. right now in discussions with respect to what essentially is going to be the budget deal, we find out that everyone is thinking well we can do a little bit. what it needs is something far broader. as i have always said this problem we are dealing with day in the economy and the budget was essentially solved by simpson-bowles back several years ago and i recall very vividly saying when i saw that proposal come up from a bipartisan group of people, and was very rapidly accepted by all professionals, saying this is terrific. we can all work from here. it never happened and the reason it never happened basically is that we have this fundamental sort of rupture in our political system. so the question is how do we get back there? >> pain for us the picture will that we might see if we do keep having a series of shutdowns. we only have a deal until early 2014 o
reduction, make some difficult choices in spending reductions but don't cut the heart out of our future like education and health care research that will make us less competitive and also make sure that you ask people who can afford to pay a little bit more by closing tax loopholes people have no business benefiting from. .. and some of the tax cuts, which we did in january when we allow people who make less than $450,000 a year for their tax cuts to continue and who made more for those tax cuts to expire. we made some progress. we have to make more. i will tell you i think it's going to take another election for us to make sure we reduce the influence and not hold those tea partiers have on the two pathways in our ability to actually travel down the path of voters chose klosterman may be elected or obama president of the united states. >> madam congressman, this question was asked to president obama when he was senator obama when he read from his book seven years ago. the question is, are you going to run for president? [laughter] [laughter] >> wow, okay, thank you. [applause] y
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2